Happy couples!

Fabienne & Serkan

Fabienne & Serkan Bach - AUSTRIA Fabienne & Serkan said YES to each other in October at their civil wedding in Elbigenalp in the Lech Valley. We were allowed to present the couple with film [...]

Simone & Thomas

Simone & Thomas Innsbruck - AUSTRIA wedding on the Bergisel. Two policemen made their marriage vows in Innsbruck | Tyrol in September. Simone & Thomas celebrated a "cop wedding" so to speak. We were [...]

Steffi & Christoph

Steffi & Christoph Ehrwald in Tirol - AUSTRIA Wedding Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. Steffi and Christoph from Ehrwald in Tyrol said YES to each other in September. They decided on a [...]

Madeleine & Patrick

Madeleine & Patrick Seefeld - AUSTRIA In June the wedding of the young couple Madeleine & Patrick took place in Seefeld in Tyrol. Again and again it is nice to be a wedding photographer who has already [...]

Bianca & Max

Bianca & Max Reutte in Tirol - AUSTRIA The delightful bridal couple Bianca & Max celebrated their wedding in vintage style in Reutte in Tirol. Not only the bridal couple [...]

Stefanie & Christoph

Stefanie & Christoph Ulm - GERMANY We - the wedding filmmakers from Tyrol - have already accompanied several Russian weddings. So we were also allowed to film this wonderful German-Russian wedding of Stefanie & [...]

Melanie & Hannes

Melanie & Hannes Bach - AUSTRIA wedding trailer Tyrol. We have seen the lovely bridal couple Melanie & Hannes at their civil wedding, as well as at their church wedding in the parish church Häselgehr, in [...]

Nadine & Tobias

Nadine & Tobias Pforzheim - GERMANY, Alps - AUSTRIA wedding video of Nadine and Tobias from Germany. The two gave each other the yes-word in April. They decided for a civil [...]

Iris & Christoph

Iris & Christoph Landeck - AUSTRIA wedding trailer Tramserhof. We were allowed to accompany Iris and Christoph at their civil wedding and the romantic church wedding at Tramser Hof in Landeck. The [...]

Benni & Kathrin

Benni & Kathrin Imst - AUSTRIA The shooting Benni (the groom) did not miss the opportunity to accommodate his hobby, motorcross driving, on his wedding day. Kathrin (the bride) was totally enthusiastic [...]

Daniela & Mirko

Daniela & Mirko Kalterersee, Südtirol - ITALY Exklusiver Hochzeitsfilm aus dem Südtirol. Daniela und Mirko strahlten an ihrem Hochzeitstag in Südtirol mit der Sonne um die Wette. Dort wo andere [...]

Vesna & Filip

Vesna & Filip St. Gallen - SWITZERLAND Romantisches Hochzeitsvideo von Ihrem Hochzeitsfilmer in der Schweiz. Vesna und Filip feierten 2017 eine serbisch-kroatische Märchenhochzeit in der Schweiz, genauer gesagt in St. [...]